Ochen has the experience and expertise to modernize hydraulic and traction elevators from all manufacturers. Ochen modernization can help you achieve a number of benefits — including improved performance, reliability, safety, energy savings and up-to-date interior finishes. Whether you are looking to upgrade your entire system or upgrade individual items over time as your budget allows, we have the plan that will best suit your individual needs. Enjoy the benefits of Ochen Electric’s rigorous engineering standards — with the assistance of local, experienced experts who are ready to guide you through the process. Some specific types of modernization include:

  • Energy Efficient AC Drives or SCR Drives on Existing DC Gearless Machines — significantly improves ride quality and energy efficiency
  • Highly Efficient Destination Dispatch Supervisory System
  • New Traction Machines (Geared / Gearless) — provides quieter, smoother operation, while improving energy efficiency and reducing maintenance costs
  • Security Upgrades — including cameras, card readers, access control and monitoring
  • Cab Interior Renovations — unlimited options, designed to fit your budget
  • Rope Brake System — offers significant safety improvement
  • Emergency Battery Lowering Device — improves safety of passengers
  • Closed Loop Door Operating System and Infrared Door Protection — improved safety, reliability and quieter operation
  • Hydraulic Elevator Microprocessor Based Programmable Control System with Electronic Soft Starting — improved wait times and energy efficiency
  • Hydraulic Elevator Power Unit (Tank, Valve, Pump, Motor & Muffler)
  • Car & Hall Pushbutton Fixtures & Indicators — improved operation and aesthetic appearance
  • Seismic Upgrades and Seismic Rupture Valve
  • Hydraulic Cylinder & Piston — improved safety and performance
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