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Ochen Elevators is a leading name in the lift industry in saudi arabia operation encompass a wide range of lift components Our expertise in Sales fulfils the local market requirement for standard and non-standard solutions..

About Us

Ochen Involved in the supply, installation and maintenance of Elevators , Escalators and Moving Walks.

Ochen has specialized in building units elevators and escalators and characterized by smooth movement with high efficiency as well as multiple sizes , access to these quality due to the application of advanced technology , ranging from precision in design with the appropriate choice of materials and the use of the latest technological means and do the examination for the products in advanced technology solutions.

  • ELevators.
  • Esclators.
  • Modernize.
  • 24 hours Maintenance .

Ochen elevators with a team of Technocrats has the capacity to plan Projects and execute them to the highest standards.

Proven performance by a team of experienced technologists and skilled personnel demonstrates our capacities to design, supply, install and commission projects ahead of schedules.

Our Vision

To be Ochen elevators the leader in the business of providing state of the elevators & escalators, mindful of our customers, the society, the planet and the environment.

Our Products

It is cater to all segments of the Elevator and Escalator industry like Office Buildings, Commercial Complexes, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Hotels, villas, Housing Complexes, Universities Etc., They include:

• High & Medium and Low Speed Passengers Elevators
• Machine Room Less Elevators with pit.
• Panoramic Elevators glassy ( square , semicircular & circular)
• Home Elevators ( without machine room and less pit )
• Dumbwaiters ( manual & automatic doors)
• Hospital Bed Elevators.
• Freight Elevators.
• Escalators.
• Moving Walks.

Features of Ochen Elevators Services

• All technicians trained on latest technologies and specialized for our products
• Use of High-precision & specialized tools like programing service tool and in strument for equilibrium
• Ochen quality standards during installation and maintenance that ensures reli able and “trouble-free” operation
• The capability of elevator on full load capacity with basis « safety first»
• Service network configured to reach out to any corner of the Kingdom within a short notice
• Our 24-hour call center, Ochen information center (OIC) ensures a faster re sponse time in case of emergencies.

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